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What to consider when hiring ski equipment?

Are you thinking about hiring your ski equipment? Maybe it is the first time as you have always used your own equipment? Or maybe you are a beginner? Here you will find helpful information and answers to many questions reagrding general ski equipment hire.

Loaning ski's from friends / acquaintances / colleagues

This is by far the cheapest method. A quick phone call and everything is sorted. However consider the following:

  • Who will correctly set up the bindings and assume responsibiity.
  • Who will pay for the skis to be serviced - whoever loaned you the equipment will want it back in the same condition.
  • The bindings will have to be changed back to the original settings.
  • What will happen if the ski is stolen?
  • If the ski is damaged - what will be the replacement cost?

Not easy. The questions are not easy to answer but definitely worth considering.

Renting out skis where you live

Maybe you know a good ski hire shop where you live. In many cities larger sport shops or specialist outdoor shops will hire out equipment. It is worth considering what they offer. It is often the cheaper option but also comes with many problems. You would need to check the terms of renting before taking the equipment. You would have to hire the equipment for a longer time period and use more time to get the skis and also you would have to return the skis after your holiday. Most importantly, what if there was a problem with the equipment once you have arrived in the ski resort?

Renting equipment near the ski area

In larger ski areas and especially by the busiest lifts, larger sport shops have to pay larger costs for their premises and this cost gets past on to the customers. Just outside the main centres are smaller neighbouring villages where you can find the same product but perphaps a 10 -15 % cheaper. It is worth comparing the cost. One limitation of this solution is that if you want to swap equipment frequently, it costs time. Please check the quality of the equipment provided is of a good quality thereby reducing any chance of poor or damaged products.

Renting ski equipment directly in resort or by the lifts

In general market terms, supply and demand will determine prices.If you find yourself at one of the limited number of sport shops near to the lifts then you will not find the best price deals for hiring ski equipment. But on a positive note - they focus on service and you will have a positive experience.

It is always wise to book your ski hire online Why?

Availibility ✓
Generaly you will a large range of equipment for hire in sport shops. However as demand increases, the top models are become unavailable as these are the first to be rented and so the only available equiment eft may be your second choice and not suitable for you ability.

Price Advantage ✓
Many ski hire shops will offer between 10 %- 15 % discount if you book online. It is definitely worth taking advnatage of this. You should note what the choice is for the category and that the equipment is new. Also do your reserach and first find out what the original price would be and see if you are getting a good deal.

Quicker process ✓
When you book online, the normal check in process i.e giving your personal data is not necessary. The equipment has already been prepared and ready for you to pick up. You save a lot of time and patience and there is no stress. You are ready for the slopes.

Independent shops

These are small, independent shops who are not associated to any particular organisation or franchise. Due to this structure of business there are no guidelines for quality or service that they adhere too. Products, service and prices are determined by the owner.

Franchises like Sport2000 and Intersport

These are the most well known of sport specialist franchises. Local shops pay to be part of the franchise. The advantage of this type of shop is that no matter where you are on holiday, you should receieve the same service and product quality in each store. Thats what there name and brand stands for.

Agents - Online Ski Hire-Platforms

These online platforms are optimised for online bookings. There are an additional way of certain franchises to obtain more custom. They process your booking and will pass it on the their partner shops in resort for a fee. Some of the well known platforms are skiset, alpinresort, twinner, snowell. An advantage: Cheaper prices. Disadvantage: There is little support available for enqueries. If there is a problem you will be passed between the shop and the agent.

Ski schools

Many ski schools will offer beginners a complete package of equipment and lessons in one price. This is to increase their sales of lessons and to increase their turnover. Ski schools know what they are talking about and risk is minimum. It is worth comparing prices and models with other shops.


Why we seperate ourselves from the above categories and why we do not join them. Here are our reasons:

  • As a "free" retailer, we have many MIETSKI stores in the big ski regions in Austria. You can get the same trusted system in every store.

  • We are specialists when it comes to online bookings with the best prices. We pay no commission to agents and all sales happen directly with us.

  • Every winter all of our equipment is 100% brand new. You are guaranteed only the best quality.

  • You get exactly what you booked. There are no surprises or " skis of this equivalent". Only with us can you book an exact model in the eaxct length.

There is also other points to consider when choosing the right hire shop. Lets start with safety:

Condition of ski equipment

Check the condition of the equipment.

  • Are the skis sharpened and waxed?

    An unprepared ski is a safety concern. Why? On hard packed pistes you will have no grip. You will slide uncontrollably down the slope and increase your risk of injury. Edges that have not been serviced will hinder controlled turning. MIETSKI.COM will conduct a complete service (waxing, sharpening, polish) on each ski after a rental period.

  • Are the boots dry and odourless?

    It is important that boots are odourless. If a boot has moisture in it, this will lead to a build up of bacteria which is bad for your feet. At MIETSKI.COM we disinfect and dry all boots after each rental period on our specialised skiboot dryers..

  • Is the product of a general new condition?

    A year old hire ski will only have 50% bearing force and will not support your skiing as you would have hoped for. At MIETSKI.COM we replace all skis and snowboards every winter. You always get new equipment.

Ski equipment - Insurance explained

In many ski hire shops the topic of insurance is never mentioned. What happens if a ski is stolen or damaged? If you have rented a new ski, damage to it can easily reach in excess of 700 euors. With many shops despite having insurance you may still be required to pay an excess of up to 150 euros which is explained in the small print which you may not have seen. It is best to inform yourself in the shop or online about what happens in such cases.At MIETSKI.COM our insurance package is a fixed part of your booking and offers 100% protection against theft, damage and cancellation and with absolutely no excess to pay.

Integrated Service

What services are provided in the rental agreement.The following services vary between shops. Some will be free of charge and others may incur additional costs:

  • Exchange of equipment during the rental period

Most shops will let you exchange equipemt during the rental period. How often will vary from shop to shop. MIETSKI.COM offers one free exchange during your rental period and thereafter a cost is attached for further exchanges. A multiple exchange is generally not a problem. If you find the ski is too long or not right for your ability then an exchange is included.

  • Sharpening and waxing

    This service is normally included by most shops. After 6 days a service is essential and necessary for all skis. Despite the recommendation of this by professionals, this is not always the case. At MIETSKI.COM we service each ski and snowboard after each rental period.

  • Exchange and returns at different rental shops

    You may want to change your ski equipment during a ski day which makes sense if conditions have changed. You may be able to change equipment at a different shop to the one where you hired it from. But this luxury will come at a higher rental price. At MIETSKI.COM you can change your equipment at the shop you rented from. You may return your equipment at any of our Mietski shops.

In order for the ski hire shops to set prices, most will categorise various models and makes into classes. here are some examples of how it is done:


6-Star Ski | Shop description:
These models are a high class ski - innovative products that incorporate the best of technological advantages. An absolute higlight on piste that will support your skiing ability.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € 32 / 1 Week € 159,00

5-Star Ski | Shop description:
Experience an unforgettable experience with a high quality ski from this seasons collection. Regardles of skiing style and speed, a 5 star ski provides optimal transition of power. Perfect for sporty skiers.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € 25 / 1 Week € 129,00

4-Star Ski | Shop description:
A ski that guarantees relaxed and enjoyable skiing for beginners and intermediates. These models are fogiving and offer an easy skiing experinence as they turn easily. Skis from this category are perfect for all round skiers.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € 18,50 / 1 Week € 99,00

3-Star Ski | Shop description:
A typical beginners ski on a budget. Ski is constructed for an allround ski.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € -,-- / 1 Week € -,-- (not available)

Intersport Rent:

PREMIUM | Shop description:
The best category for lovers of skiing. With their optimal turning and control technology, this premium model offers a secure skiing experience on all pistes. With excellent edge grip at high speeds with great transition of power provides for perfect lines.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € 32 / 1 Week € 159,00

ECONOMY | Shop description:
The hire ski for all rounders as well as beginners and leisurely skiers. They are built to be forgiving and offer excellent comfort on the piste and saves you energy. Soe models are suitable for off piste.

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € 25 / 1 Week € 129,00

BUDGET | Shop description

Price example Sölden: 1 Day € -,-- / 1 Week € -,-- (not available in resort)

The hire prices at MIETSKI.COM are dynamically calculated. All hire prices start at 19 euros per week. As demand increases, the prices will increase in stages. In simple terms - the earlier you book, the lower the price is. The choice is also wider. On our website you will find our savings calender which shows you the actual current price for your chosen ski resort and ski.


Please enter a maximum hire duration of 14 days