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If you have already booked your ski holiday then now is the time to book your ski hire for the lowest possible prices. Booking early has two advantages. The lowest price and the biggest choice:

Top models are available from 19 Euros per week. The more demand increases and the later you leave it to book, the more expensive it becomes.

Use the online ski finder to find the perfect ski

….and in the optimum recommended length. Our ski finder is a useful online advisor. You will be shown all our available models that match your body measurements and requirements. Simply click on the model you wish to hire to add it to your shopping cart and follow the links to the payment site to confirm your reservation. You can begin your ski holiday without the stress of queues and hectic waiting times, knowing that your equipment will be ready for you to pick up on arrival.

Our local staff will help you on arrival

On your pick up day the equipment will be prepared and waiting for your arrival. The pick up at our Mietski shops takes minutes. The bindings will be adjusted accordingly. Everything happens quickly and without the fuss.

Useful information to know when hiring ski equipment

Ski Clothing Rental

Ski clothes


SkiGala is our partner for ski clothing rental.


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