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Full power with Nordica skis

Nordica skis guaranties you action on the mountain! With their success in the world cup series with their skis , Nordica has become more popular on the pistes. The product developers at Nordica have integrated this experience into their new models of skis. Some of the most popular Nordica skis are the Dobermann and its brother the Spitfire but more improtantly for us the rental version Nordica Transfire. This ski is world class!

Popular Nordica ski models

Nordica Dobermann » Sporty race model for lovers of speed on piste.
Nordica Dobermann Spitfire » Dynamic sport ski with lots of power for on piste.
Nordica Nordica Enforcer / Soul Rider » Energiser all mountain ski for all terrain including off piste.
Nordica GT / Navigator / Enforcer » All mountain ski for a comfortable ski in all conditions.
Nordica Sentra » Elegant women's ski for sporty skiing on piste.
Nordica Santa Ana » Beautiful women's ski for intermediate skiing in all terrain and offpist.
Nordica Astral » Easy all mountain beginner model for women.

Nordica skis available for hire this winter

Which Nordica ski boots do we have?

Nordica Skischuh Sportmachine 100 R
Ski boots

Nordica Sportmachine 100R

RTL - For men

A ski boot for the more sportier skier. It has a hard flex of 100 but still offers comfort. The name says it all!

Nordica Skischuh Sportmachine 90 R
Ski boots

Nordica Sportmachine 90R

RTL - For men

A super comfortable sport boot. The 90 Flex offers you a firm hold and also comfort. It also looks good too!

Nordica Skischuh Sportmachine 85 W R
Ski boots

Nordica Sportmachine 85WR

RTL - For women

A sporty women's skiboot. Light, warm and very comfortable. The perfect boot for a nice day of skiing!

Ski boots

Nordica NXT 90

RTL - For men

Sporty ski boot for men. With a flex of 90, more power is transferred to the ski but still with a comfortable fit.

Ski boot

Nordica NXT3

RTL - Für Herren

A comfortable ski boot for men. This boot will fit anyone. Perfect choice for your ski holiday.


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