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Burton Snowboard

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Iconic Burton Snowboard

The Burton Snowboard Company is the oldest on the block! The company was founded in 1976 by Jake Burton in the USA and is one of the original snowboarding manufacturers worldwide. Theboards are constantly being innovated. The new Flying V technology will impress any boarder. The designs are super stylish. The designs are created by young, talented street artists who combined with the creative team at Burton create some of the most awe inspiring designs on boards for the entire Burton collection. You will always look cool in any park with a Burton board!

Popular Burton snowboards

We love Burton snowboards! Custom (X, X Flying V), Flight Attendant (Splitboard), Descendant, Feelgood, Yeasayer (Flying V, Flat Top), Feelgood Flying V, Deep Thinker, Free Thinker, Talent Scout, Family Tree (Flight Attendant X Splitboard, Backseat Driver, Anti-Social Splitboard, Stick Shift, Story Board, Leader Board, Hometown Hero, Hometown Hero X, Resonator Powsurfer, Moon Buggy, Mystery Landlord, One Hitter), Paramount, Process (Flying V), Kilroy (3D, Directional, Twin Camber), Fish (3D, Directional Flat Top), Instigator, Name Dropper, Skeleton Key, Slush Puppy PurePop, Ripcord, Stylus, Hideaway, Rewind, Day Trader.


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