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Salomon Ski

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Salomon skis - made to impress

Salomon Skis guarantees pure fun and adrenaline! For years Salomon skis have been in our range of hire skis and every year our customers are always happy and they book out quickly. Salomon skis guarantee to offer you smooth and easy turns. The new Salomon models S-MAX, S-FORCE and S-RACE are world class. Skis like these are ideal for beginners, intermediates and even sporty skiers. Everyone can enjoy them and have fun with these Salomon skis!

Popular Salomon models

Salomon S-RACE » This model is only for race skiers.
Salomon S-MAX » Popular model for sporty skiers.
Salomon S-FORCE » perfect piste skis for beginners and intermediates.
Salomon S-XDR » Sporty all mountain model for every terrain.
Salomon WOMEN » Popular women's ski in various designs.
Salomon QST » For Freerider and off-piste-skier.
Salomon NFX/TNT » Ideal for freestyler and snowpark skier.

Salomon skis available for hire this winter

Which Salomon ski boots do we have?

Salomon Skischuh X-Access R 70
Ski boots

Salomon X

Access R70 - For men

A comfortable sporty ski boot. Popular men' boot with a softer flex of 70. It has a great design.

Ski boots

Salomon Quest

Access 80 - For men

Comfortable ski boot for men. Wider sole with plenty of room for wider feet. This boot offers a perfect fit. Also with a walking function.

Salomon Skischuh X-Access R 60 Women
Ski boots

Salomon X

Access R60W - For women

Classy women's ski boot. Very light, warm and comfortable. Great ski boot also for sportier skiers. Our most popular boot.

Ski boot

Salomon Quest

Access 70 - For women

Popular ski boot for women. Comfy and warm inner sole in a classic design. It comes wiht a walking/apres ski mode.

Salomon Skischuh T3 Girl
Ski boots

Salomon T2 - T3

For girls

Super comfortable boot for girls and ladies. Beautiful design, light and warm. Available with 2 or 3 clasps.

Salomon Skischuh T3 Boy
Ski boots

Salomon T2 - T3

For boys

A compact ski boot for boys and young men. Warm, comfortable and sporty. Available with 2 or 3 clasps.

Ski boots

Salomon T2 - T3

For children

The perfect ski boot for children. Warm, comfy and secure. For smaller feet, there are 2 clasps and older children, there are 3 clasps.

Snowboard boots

Salomon Softboots

Faction Boa

Popular snowboard boot with the Boa system. Warm, light and adjusted with one turn of the button.


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