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Nidecker Snowboard

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Nidecker Snowboards are well loved

Nidecker Snowboards are something special. As the name suggests, it is not just about the snowboard. It is about fun, action and adventure. To go with the Flow. You, the board and the mountain. That is what Nidecker stands for. That is how Nidecker operates. The perfect experience on the mountain. Fun on the piste, in the park and in the powder. But it is also about the innovation. Nidecker acheives this by asking the people in the know. The professionals on the mountain. The Nidecker team riders are in close contact with the product developers to ensure the boards are the best they can be. One of the best innovative ideas from Flow is without doubt their binding system. Flow is famous for it. The Evolve Powerstrap is the most popular, quick and user friendly binding on the market. One stage set up, one touch - done. We love it!

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Nidecker snowboards available for hire this winter

Which Nidecker bindings do we have for hire?

Nidecker RTL 2 Strap Binding

Nidecker RTL

2 Strap

A reliable hire binding. The boot is fitted by 2 straps. One touch - finished!


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