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Voelkl Ski DEACON 7.6

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Völkl DEACON 7.6

Völkl Ski - DEACON 7.6 Rocker » The perfect ski for those stepping into the sporty category

Völkl DEACON 7.6
140 - 175 cm
Völkl DEACON 7.6
105 mm
76 mm
125 mm
Völkl DEACON 7.6
15.5 m
140, 147, 154, 161, 168, 175 cm
125-76-105  mm (Front-Middle-Back) with a ski length 168 cm
A turn length of 15.5 m with a ski length of 168 cm
What is the right ski length?

Our ski finder software will find the right length of ski for you. As a guideline to find your optimal ski length for your ability, we first of all need to know your ability, weight, height, sex and age. Our ski finder will then calculate the right ski length for you based on these details. Naturally the final decision is yours and each person will have their own individual preferences and requirements for their optimum ski length.

Up to 30km/h
Novice on piste
Safely underway
Chest to shoulder

The shorter the ski, the easier it is to turn. The optimal length will be between the chest area and shoulders.

Ski instructor tip:A ski that is too short should not be chosen as you will lose stability and reliability while turning as you have a shorter edge grip.

Up to 50km/h
2 - 3 weeks on skis
Comfortable and moderate
Shoulder to chin

Intermediate skiers should choose a ski length between their shoulders and chin.

Ski instructor tip:If you are deciding between a choice 2 different lengths, then choose the longer one. All of our skis have Rocker systems! This means that the ski at the tip of the shovel is curved upwards. So in effect the ski is will act like a shorter ski. A ski with a rocker tip of 10 % is 10% shorter in turning length. This makes turns a lot easier but the ski will use the whole edge through the turn which increases stability.

Up to 70 km/h
More than 3 weeks of skiing
Enjoyment and comfort
Chin to nose

Experienced skiers can use a ski that comes up to their nose.

Ski instructor tip:Optimal ski length will also play a role in various snow conditions. If you are going on holiday between December and February then we recommend a longer ski as the pistes are more hard packed and sometimes icy. A longer ski will provide a longer edge grip and hence more stability. If you are skiing in March/April then we recommend a slightly shorter ski. When the snow is softer, you will need more energy to turn therefore a shorter ski is easier. You will also not be travelling as fast.

Up to 90km/h
Many weeks of skiing
Sporty & Fast
Nose to Forehead

Sporty skiers have power, endurance, condition, coordination and skills to choose any ski they choose. It is important to pick a ski that has good stability. Pay particular attention to the radius of the ski. Short radius are slalom skis. Long radius are giant slalom skis.

Ski instructor tip:It all depends on your skiing technique and the model of the ski. If you ski with short turns then choose a slalom ski. This ski length is generally shorter. Short codes for these skis are ST, SL and SC. If you prefer a longer turn then choose a giant slalom ski. These are longer and should reach the top of your head. You can ski faster and a longer edge grip in turns and more stability. Short codes for these skis are GS, LT, RS and RC.

Up to 130km/h
You have grown up with skiing
full gas all the way
From crown of the head and above

The race skier knows exactly what they want! Slalom skiers choose a short ski which is durable and agile but one that also explodes out of the turns. In comparison a giant slalom skier will choose longer ski with a smaller sidecut and a long radius. This is because a longer has more stability, reliability and smoothness at high speeds.

Ski instructor tip:Choose a designated race model. Stability and agilty are the most important factors.

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Völkl Ski DEACON 7.6 - Sporty ski for everyone

The Völkl DEACON 7.6 is a popular allround ski - a must have in any ski hire shop. The ideal Ski for everyone. Sporty skiers can pu teir foot down. It is easy to turn and tolerant coming out of turns. In short - an exemplary ski!



Ski terrain:

Piste to All Mountain
Park & Pipe


Intermediate to sporty

Your requirement:

Enjoyable to Sporty
Full speed

Ski Character:

Tolerant to Challenging
Good natured


2.731 Kilogramm

at 168cm

Völkl Ski DEACON 7.6

The Voelkl Ski DEACON 7.6 skis are once again back this winter! With a new green and black design, the DEACON 7.6 ski is technically the same ski as it's predecessor. Skiers have been impressed with this ski for years as they are easy to manoeuvre, they hold throughout the turn and can be used by those who ski leisurely but also those who like something a bit more sporty. If you are looking for a ski that you can enjoy at your leisure but still push your own boundaries from time to time, this is your ski!

Perfect for sporty skiers

The Völkl DEACON 7.6 ski is somewhat lighter than other sportier models and therefore perfectly suited to women. After all, nobody likes to carry their equipment to the lifts! Though it is lightweight, there is zero compromise in structure: it has a wood core giving it a stiffer flex, offering the skier the stability and edge grip that is needed to ski that little bit harder and faster.

For medium and long turns

The Völkl DEACON 7.6 has a turning radius of 16.8m with a ski length of 173cm, making it perfect for medium to long turns. However the skis will also respond quickly and accurately should you need to make shorter turns on the tougher pistes. Exactly why the Völkl DEACON 7.6 is loved by those who use it. An excellent ski with a huge fun factor!


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