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Schuh und Sport Hammerle KG
Dorfbahnstraße 46, 6534 Serfaus
Tel.: +43 7213 21200

find us at:
In the center of Serfaus, near underground station "Center"

Opening times:

Saturday 08:30-18:00
Sunday 09:00-11:30 and 15:00-18:00
Monday - Friday 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-18:30
Also open on bank holidays!


Car: Directly in the centre
Ski-bus: Underground station "Center"B
Taxi: -


Current Corona situation in Serfaus

Serfaus will offer you the greatest possible security! All businesses in Serfaus - lifts, ski buses, taxi companies, hotels, restaurants, ski schools, ski hire, shops, Apres Ski Bars and leisure businesses - take a variety of Corona measures to ensure your best possible protection. In Serfaus, all legally required corona measures are implemented and complied with. All those that are already in force, as well as those that will be in force until your arrival. The people of Serfaus will do everything to ensure that you are safe from Corona during your skiing holiday!

FAQ on the current corona situation in Serfaus

We have the answers to frequently asked corona questions.

It is pleasing for us skiers to have unlimited freedom to travel to Serfaus (Austria). Depending on your home country, there may be short-term restrictions in your freedom of travel. We recommend that you observe the national regulations of your home country.

» EU guidelines/guidelines

The current figures on corona infections in Serfaus can be called up via the COVID-19 dashboard of the Tyrolean regional government.

» Regional government - COVID-19-Dashboard

The borders to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein are completely open and border and health controls have been discontinued. The pre-corona situation applies again, no quarantine or corona test is required.

On this EU overview page you can see the valid guidelines for every destination in the EU.

Here you can find the current overview of countries with travel warnings.
There are currently entry restrictions for persons from these countries. When entering Austria, a negative PCR test (laboratory test from a nose or throat swab) must be presented to avoid a 14-day quarantine during a skiing holiday.

Here you can find the current overview of countries with travel warnings. There are currently entry restrictions for people from these risk countries. For example, a negative PCR test (laboratory test from a nose or throat swab) must be presented on entry to Austria so that you do not have to undergo a 14-day quarantine during your skiing holiday.

Serfaus, Austria is located in the district of Landeck and belongs to the province of Tyrol.

Whether this district or the province of Tyrol is considered a risk area, and thus an increased risk of infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, is determined by the respective home country.

Guests from the Federal Republic of Germany can obtain information on the following page:

In Germany, returning travellers from a risk area are required to stay in quarantine for 14 days after their return - or to have themselves tested within 72 hours of their return. In this case, however, a 5-day quarantine applies.

Re-open EU is an international contact point and offers all travellers in the EU up-to-date information on risk areas and travel guidelines.

Yes, but not in the usual form, but only to a very limited extent. It has been proven that the corona viruses can spread extremely easily in closed rooms, with high air humidity/room temperature and dense crowds of people. Please note: the longer you are exposed to such unhygienic conditions, the deeper the viruses can be inhaled and the more severe the course of the disease may be. Therefore our tip: if you are going to party, please do so outdoors at a distance!

The restaurants are looking forward to spoiling you with their regional specialities. There are certain rules that apply to restaurants, including the following:

  • Keep at least 1 metre distance from other people outside your own traveller group.
  • If possible, reserve a table in advance, group reservations are possible.
  • Avoid freely accessible buffets.
  • Contactless payment if possible.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Do not shake hands, no hugs and kisses.
  • All places, whether restaurant or bar, must close at 01:00.

Want a new ski jacket? Or a new ski helmet? You will find sports shops with suitable equipment in the ski resort. Not to mention the everyday needs from the local grocery shops.

In all shops you must keep a minimum distance of 1 metre from strangers. General hygiene regulations, especially hand disinfection, must also be observed. Please note that mouth and nose protection must be worn in pharmacies or health care facilities (doctor's surgery), in food retail & supermarkets as well as in bank & post offices. Also if the minimum distance cannot be maintained (hairdresser).

  • Keep at least 1 metre distance from other persons except from persons from the common household or fellow travellers from the common accommodation unit.
  • Mouth and nose protection recommended in crowded areas.
  • Do not travel if you have symptoms of illness. Contact the accommodation owner if you have symptoms during your stay.
  • For restaurant areas, the existing regulations for gastronomy, which are familiar to everyone in everyday life, apply.
  • The existing recommendations for facilities under the Bathroom Hygiene Act serve as the basis for the operation of wellness areas. Depending on the size of the respective facility, only a certain number of people are allowed in at any one time. The exact number is clearly visible in each wellness area.
  • Seminars are permitted up to a group size of 100 persons.

You can usually obtain detailed information on this directly from the accommodation you booked, the online booking platform you used to book and pay, your tour operator or, if applicable, your travel insurance company.

Cancellation with MIETSKI is free of charge and informal up to 24 hours before pick-up - without giving any reason - using this cancellation form. All rental products will be refunded in full. The protection package for cancellation is considered to be consumed.

If you have any questions, the Serfaus tourist information office can be reached by telephone on +43 5476 6239 (Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00), by e-mail at .

If you develop symptoms of COVID 19 disease (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, etc.) during your stay, it is essential to call the Austrian Corona emergency number: 1450.

Instructions and further steps (possible testing, isolation, etc.) are then given by the authorities and must be followed. In addition, the accommodation owner must be informed about them.

In case of an urgent emergency, please always call the emergency number 144. Please also let the emergency know that the symptoms could be a suspected case in connection with COVID 19. You will also receive further instructions there.

Good to know: Under no circumstances should you visit a doctor's surgery in person if you suspect that you have COVID 19!

That would be the worst case. In this case, there is a precise procedure which is automatically set in motion. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the relevant authority. They will take all the necessary steps and gather the necessary information in a personal interview with you. If you have installed a tracing app, this information can be very helpful. Your fellow travellers will also be tested promptly if necessary and will be quarantined until then. Your host will also be informed immediately. Please remain calm, because the responsible Corona teams will do a good job and will look after you in the best possible way.

If you test positive for Corona at the resort and have to be quarantined, please contact us directly by phone: +43 7213 21200 and we will pick up your rental equipment from your accommodation. Someone from your family or friends can also drop off the equipment with us on your behalf, provided their Corona test is negative.
Important: Please remain in quarantine after a positive test and follow the instructions of the authorities. We will take care of the rest!

Because everything is already sorted out at MIETSKI.COM ski rental! The handover is quick and almost contactless.

  • Ski/board - model and length have already been selected and booked exactly!
  • Ready on arrival - Fastest possible delivery of equipment - Short stay in the shop.
  • Relevant data have already been recorded during online booking
  • Also the payment was already made in advance without contact.
  • On request, only 1 person can pick up for your group or family.
  • Masks are compulsory and hand disinfection for guests is available in the shops.
  • All employees wear masks and gloves in the shop.

We have set high hygiene standards at MIETSKI.

  • Disinfection of hands at the entrance.
  • Masks must be worn by guests when entering the shop.
  • Keep a distance / Limited number of persons per shop / Guests may have to wait outside for a short time.
  • Online guests are handled before walk-in customers.
  • Rooms are well ventilated and disinfected.
  • Articles are disinfected on an ongoing basis.
  • All employees wear masks and gloves.
  • All employees are tested for corona.
  • Information when a Corona case is reported to us.

Yes, free corona tests are carried out during the skiing holiday on request. If required, the nearest test station will be given to you by the accommodation company or tourist office.

Yes, corona quick tests are carried out on employees before and during the winter season. These are carried out at the public test stations at the ski resort.

It is like the flu, either by droplet infection (aerosols in the air) or - very unlikely but possible - by smear infection. This means that if someone coughs with Corona in their hand and then helds a door handle, and you touch that door handle immediately afterwards, you can pick up viruses through the mucous membranes (mouth, nose). But only to a limited extent, which may lead to a mild course. On a skiing holiday, however, the highest risk is posed by Apres ski. The infection usually happens via aerosols that are emitted into the air when you sing, laugh, speak, scream, cough or sneeze. These microscopic particles are the ideal means of transport for viruses and can be in the air for up to 5 minutes each time. The smaller they are, the longer they are suspended in the air. In short: you can get infected just by breathing in! The deeper and longer, the stronger.

The best way is through responsible behaviour!

Here are the most important rules in brief to prevent corona infection:

  • Keep your distance: At least 1m
  • Wash your hands: Disinfect hands as often as possible
  • Wearing a mask: compulsory in gondolas, ski bus, taxis, public transport
  • Avoid masses: Avoid crowded rooms or areas (e.g. Apres ski)
  • Ventilation: always ensure sufficient fresh air

You can protect yourself so easily!

In the worst case, you will have to stay in your room and will be looked after from outside during the quarantine. Some ski resorts - such as Sölden in the Ötztal valley - are already working on a "safe house". And also on an orderly return transport of infected guests. If necessary, this process would be carried out in cooperation between the municipality, the district administration, the tourism association and the accommodation operator. Details will be announced on the respective communication channels of the tourism association, and the information will be continuously updated.

Then please remain calm. This doesn't mean anything at first, because it's usually about concrete hotspots of infection or clusters in a hotel, bar or other location, which may not affect you directly if you are or were not there. If you are unsure, you can always have a free corona test carried out at your ski resort. The result of this quick test you will then take with you on your return home. In the worst case, you may have to go into quarantine at home and have another test.

You can assume that all the measures prescribed by law will be fully complied with during your skiing holiday. Those that have been in force up to now are just as valid as those that will be imposed by the state authorities before you start your holiday. Furthermore, the Tourist Board, together with the local tourist service providers, is endeavouring to formulate measures that go beyond the legal measures and guarantee your safety and health during your stay.

Good to know: The gondolas are disinfected with spray and well ventilated.

When standing in line with the lift, care is taken to ensure that the distance regulation is observed.

Our tip: Keep your mask or balaclava on and your gloves on at all times.

Only use gondolas with your fellow passengers. If you share a gondola with other guests, sit across from them - if possible - and actively ensure that the gondola is ventilated (open window). If necessary, always cough into the crook of your arm and turn away from the person sitting next to you.

There is hardly any risk of infection on the chairlift, as you are sitting outside. Except when the protective cover of the chairlift is folded down in bad weather. In this case, special care must be taken when travelling with strangers because of the aerosols that float freely. These small droplets are produced when coughing, sneezing, talking or screaming. In this case, it is best to fold up the protective cover again. Better safe than sorry!

No, this is only possible directly at the valley stations. The usual measures (disinfection of hands, keeping your distance, wearing a mask, etc) must be observed there. But we are trying to find a solution so that we can also provide you with the lift ticket in the MIETSKI Shop. Discussions are already underway with the mountain skilifts. Some hotels and accommodations already have ticket sales. So please ask your accommodation directly.

The ski schools have also developed a guide for dealing with Corona. All ski/snowboard instructors are regularly tested on Corona. The ski schools have a maximum group size of 10 people including ski instructors. All ski school guests are registered in accordance with the GDPR and if symptoms occur, other guests are informed. If guests or employees show symptoms, they are separated from others. Mouth and nose protectors are used daily, especially in the ski school office, at the meeting point, in the children's world and for assistance in lessons, but also during lift and gondola rides.


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