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Salomon Allround-Ski S/MAX 8

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Salomon MAX 8

Salomon Ski - MAX 8 » Our most popular and well loved all mountain ski

Salomon MAX 8
150 - 175 cm
Salomon MAX 8
102 mm
73 mm
120 mm
Salomon MAX 8
15 m
150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175 cm
120-73-102  mm (Front-Middle-Back) with a ski length 170 cm
A turn length of 15 m with a ski length of 170 cm
What is the right ski length?

Our ski finder software will find the right length of ski for you. As a guideline to find your optimal ski length for your ability, we first of all need to know your ability, weight, height, sex and age. Our ski finder will then calculate the right ski length for you based on these details. Naturally the final decision is yours and each person will have their own individual preferences and requirements for their optimum ski length.

Up to 30km/h
Novice on piste
Safely underway
Chest to shoulder

The shorter the ski, the easier it is to turn. The optimal length will be between the chest area and shoulders.

Ski instructor tip:A ski that is too short should not be chosen as you will lose stability and reliability while turning as you have a shorter edge grip.

Up to 50km/h
2 - 3 weeks on skis
Comfortable and moderate
Shoulder to chin

Intermediate skiers should choose a ski length between their shoulders and chin.

Ski instructor tip:If you are deciding between a choice 2 different lengths, then choose the longer one. All of our skis have Rocker systems! This means that the ski at the tip of the shovel is curved upwards. So in effect the ski is will act like a shorter ski. A ski with a rocker tip of 10 % is 10% shorter in turning length. This makes turns a lot easier but the ski will use the whole edge through the turn which increases stability.

Up to 70 km/h
More than 3 weeks of skiing
Enjoyment and comfort
Chin to nose

Experienced skiers can use a ski that comes up to their nose.

Ski instructor tip:Optimal ski length will also play a role in various snow conditions. If you are going on holiday between December and February then we recommend a longer ski as the pistes are more hard packed and sometimes icy. A longer ski will provide a longer edge grip and hence more stability. If you are skiing in March/April then we recommend a slightly shorter ski. When the snow is softer, you will need more energy to turn therefore a shorter ski is easier. You will also not be travelling as fast.

Up to 90km/h
Many weeks of skiing
Sporty & Fast
Nose to Forehead

Sporty skiers have power, endurance, condition, coordination and skills to choose any ski they choose. It is important to pick a ski that has good stability. Pay particular attention to the radius of the ski. Short radius are slalom skis. Long radius are giant slalom skis.

Ski instructor tip:It all depends on your skiing technique and the model of the ski. If you ski with short turns then choose a slalom ski. This ski length is generally shorter. Short codes for these skis are ST, SL and SC. If you prefer a longer turn then choose a giant slalom ski. These are longer and should reach the top of your head. You can ski faster and a longer edge grip in turns and more stability. Short codes for these skis are GS, LT, RS and RC.

Up to 130km/h
You have grown up with skiing
full gas all the way
From crown of the head and above

The race skier knows exactly what they want! Slalom skiers choose a short ski which is durable and agile but one that also explodes out of the turns. In comparison a giant slalom skier will choose longer ski with a smaller sidecut and a long radius. This is because a longer has more stability, reliability and smoothness at high speeds.

Ski instructor tip:Choose a designated race model. Stability and agilty are the most important factors.

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Salomon Ski MAX 8 - Sporty dream ski for all speeds

100% - A dream ski. The perfect ski for intermediate and advanced skiers! You will have so much fun with this ski at any speed. The Salomon MAX 8 guarantees stability, it is comfortable to ski and delivers pure enjoyment. Everything you need for a perfect holiday!


The front part of the bestseller Ski Salomon MAX 8

Ski terrain:

Piste to All Mountain
Park & Pipe


Intermediate to sporty

Your requirement:

Enjoyable to Sporty
Full speed

Ski Character:

Tolerant to challenging
Good natured


2.665 Kilogramm

at 170cm

S/MAX 8 Salomon best sellers

Back again this winter by popular demand is the Salomon Ski S/MAX 8. Year after year our customers want the latest Salomon model from this series and due to its excellent credentials we are delighted to offer it anew! On the advice of our rental station in Ischgl, we recommend an early reservation due to the strong demand.

The perfect all round Model

The new Salomon MAX 8 ski is the perfect all round model. We recommend it for good beginners all the way through to the more advanced skier. This Salomon ski has been one of the best all mountain skis for many years. Everything is possible with this ski whether you like to take it easy on the slopes or if you want to race down the mountain. Its multi-radius technology ensures that all turn lengths are possible.

Minimum effort required

This model is another success from Salomon: Its technical set-up and perfect fine-tuning means you can ski all day without experiencing those heavy legs at the end. Even the most extreme skiers will still have energy left over with the Salomon MAX 8!

Perfect smoothness

The Salomon MAX 8 ski has perfect stability at any speed. Whether you take the turns nice and gently or hit them with everything you have, the ski's performance will match your desire. With its excellent turning ability, you will be at ease even on the toughest of black runs!

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