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Guaranteed 26% savingsAccommodation Voucherworth it
MIETSKI - Partner Program

Attract more guests

... thanks to early bird price advantages on skis and boards

Specialized in rental!

Since 2007, MIETSKI.COM has delighted its guests with 100% new skis and snowboards. Year by year!

What sets us apart

The rental prices are calculated dynamically, according to the principle - The sooner the cheaper!

For our guests this means a price advantage of up to 100 EUR. These saved euros are reason to organize the accommodation as soon as possible and secure the price advantage.

Equipment and accommodation clear

Dear hotel owner, communicate our Early Bird prices to your guests. The joy of savings and your accommodation cannot start soon enough.

Guaranteed 26% saved

Here you can request your personal accommodation voucher so that your guests can rent the new skis or snowboard for a maximum of EUR 88 for 6 days.

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